Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I've been doing some metalsmithing.....

This is my 2nd fully metalsmithed ring. The stone is dumorterite. It is a dark blue with black flecks in it. My husband and daughter both said they didn't think the stone was very pretty. But I like it. I liked it when I first bought the stone, and I still like it now. I have always loved navy blue, and the darkness of this stone drew me in right away.

Anyone recognize the setting? Yep, Bali style daisy spacers. I gotta say that I have been inspired by JJ of RosyRevolver on Etsy and Tess of NovaofSweden on Etsy. I am really new to metalsmithing, but these ladies use of commercial findings in metalsmithing have opened up my mind to the uses of the materials I have on hand. I actually had these in the destash pile to sell in my supply shop, but like I said, these ladies have inspired me to think of other uses for beads and bead caps in other ways.

And this is, you guessed it, my 3rd metalsmithed ring. I wanted to give myself a challenge with this ring. Making a bezel on a curved surface. The stone is Turquoise, mined in my home state of Nevada near Tonapah. I love this stone. The little smattering of matrix in the bottom half looks like a close up on a birds eye view of a peninsula and a string of islands surrounded by the clearest blue green water you've ever seen.

You'll also see in the last photo a little mountain range with the sun rising (or setting?) behind it with my initials stamped below. I am experimenting with a maker's mark. I think I will settle on this for now (get it? Ruby Mountain....Amy Nicole? :)), until I have an extra few hundred lying around to have a custom stamp designed. Yes! They cost that much! It will probably take me forever to decide on a design for one anyway.

I've been busy making ear wires and head pins from copper and brass for RubyMtnBeads. I'm making them in shiny finish, and antiqued. I've been antiquing them a dark brown and then throwing them in the tumbler to give them the loveliest sheen. I'm going to try to get them listed tonight at Etsy and ArtFire. I'm also going to list some bulk wire that I've given that same gorgeous patina for those who would like to use it in wire wrapping, making your own ear wires, head pins, or whatever!


  1. You did a really goog job. I like your rings.


  2. WOW! I love them both! Are any of these going into your shop? :)
    And I LOVE the mark. Don't change it!

  3. Thanks ladies! My instructor said never point out the flaws in the jewelry you make, so I really can't say why, per se, they won't be in the shop, just that I've decided to keep them for myself! ;)

  4. That stone in your "2nd" ring is beautiful!

  5. Thanks! I need to take better pics to get rid of the glare. I think it's a pretty stone too!