Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Eating crow, or humble pie if you will.....

I posted a bit of a rant against ArtFire not too long ago here on my blog. It was basically me debating on whether I wanted to go to a Pro account over there. And, then, I might have said a few not so nice things about the visual aesthetics of their site.

I always regret anything negative that I put out into the world. There is something about the written word that is worse though because it is irrefutable proof that it was said.

So, ArtiFire, I'm sorry for saying you were only the anti-Etsy and your front page was a visual assault to the eyes. In my defense, that post came on a day that I was thoroughly disgusted with some of the people posting on the AF forums. It was unfair to judge the whole place by their clientele. I have to remember that it literally takes all kinds to make up a community. Some ok, some not so ok.

Not like it's any different at Etsy. They have their fair share of nutters as well. But, I digress. This is supposed to be an apology and a positive post. :)

I guess this apology is being fueled by the fact that last night I pushed that button on ArtFire. You know the one that says "Upgrade to Pro"? So, after all that, I did go pro at AmyNicole on ArtFire.

I don't know if it was the right move or not. We'll see, I figure the extra exposure can't hurt, and Etsy's fees are eating my lunch. Not that I would ever leave Etsy. I love that place. But ArtFire really has some cool features.

The one I love best is that customers don't need to have an ArtFire account to purchase from you. They can just purchase directly off the site, pay and that's it. A lot of people don't want the hassle of setting up an account at Etsy just to buy a pair of earrings. The other really great thing is that for some reason the listings at AF show up in Google searches much better than the Etsy Listings. I have had a ton of hits on my Be Still My Heart necklace from people searching for custom birthstone jewelry.

So, going forward, I am going to take each on-line market place for what it is and enjoy the things I like about each of them. Complaining about it isn't going to change anything. I just need to make it work for me!


  1. Hi Amy! You must have had quite a day - that visual assault comment did have me laughing. Not specific to ArtFire since I don't know them, it was just intrinsically amusing. I guess because we've all had those days! Thanks for making me aware about the not having to be an AF member to buy thing - I had no idea. Very nice post. :)