Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pity Party...

I just threw a good old fashioned fit, and I am now ready to move on with my day. I've spent the past hour sulking because I had just finished getting myself and the girls ready to start our busy day.

It was going to start with a super awesome work out with my fave instructor. Followed by going to check out the catholic store I told you all about, followed bya trip to Dallas to buy pearls for the religious line.

Bah! I left my keys in hubby's car last night, and he'd already left for work. Bah!

I was so mad! I immediately got upset that all my plans were spoiled. And then my own words came back to haunt me. What I tell the girls when they seemingly over react to some slight. "it's not the end of the world! There are a lot worse things that can happen...". Bah! I say, Bah!

But I'm over it now. There are plenty of things to do here at home. And selling my Poppy piece certainly put a smile on my face....:)

Have a good day all. And remember there are a lot worse things that can happen...


  1. Congrats on the sale - it is such a beautiful piece.

  2. Oh that is too bad. How disappointing.


  3. I'm a horrible key manager, I lost them once for a year, later when my neighbor cleared the garden between our houses there they were Argh#@%$! it's frustrating. My son is as hard headed as I am, payback. :) :) :P xo

  4. That's good to remember! I have to say I'm having a bit of a reverse-pity party today. I NEED to work desperately as I've been off for a long weekend and have weekday plans here and there in the coming weeks but just want to lay around and do nothing instead! AHHH!