Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Getting to know.....Leather

Just finished this morning, and they are all ready to fly to the fabulous women in my life who just happen to also be Mothers.  

Working with leather has been a bit of a sanity break for me.  

I have not sat down to work at my bench in over a week.  The full 2 weeks before that I was having bad dreams about metal working.  

I don't know why for certain.  I think it had a bit to do with trying to sort out where I was headed in working with silver.  The rapidly rising cost of silver really threw me for a loop.  
I can't lie.  

I don't even know what led me to working with leather.  All I know is late one night I was lying in bed surfing around the net and somehow landed on a leather site that sold beginners leather kits.  

I thought, why not?  

I've told you guys before that I'm a craft jumper right?  :)

I never used to think so, but I'm pretty sure I must have some form of ADD.  Things pique my interest, and I dive in.  The bad thing, is once I have them figured out, I tend to lose interest.

I'm not giving up metal.  I do love it.  And I have more invested in it than I have ever invested in any craft.  

But I also don't want to limit my creative flow.  I want the freedom to follow wherever that creative path wants to go.  

We received some bad news yesterday.  My cousin Anna passed away at the age of 28.  She had health problems all her life, but she was the sweetest, kindest, most gentle person I've ever known.  She lived her life knowing that she would never have the things other women have.  A husband, children, a home of her own....yet she seemed content and touched all of us right to the core of our hearts.  I will miss her greatly.  

My heart hurts, and hurts even more that I can't be in Nevada with my family.  I'll miss you Anna....


  1. I like them. I like the one with the blue and the ones with the yellow flowers best.


  2. Amy,
    Sorry to learn about your Anna.

  3. So sorry for loss, she was so young. Much strength to you and your family.

  4. Amy, I am sorry that you have lost your cousin Anna..((big big hugs)) to you from me!!

    I'm a lot like you in the jumping hobby department...I've not been near the bench hardly in aaaages. I'm hoping new tools will take me back to metal.

    Enjoy your leather working, it sure looks like you have been!

  5. It's nice to take a bit of a departure from something when you're feeling frustrated with it no matter what it is. I'm glad you found something new that you love working with! They turned out great!

    So sorry to hear about your cousin. It's always hard to see people who you regard as so caring struggling with something that hard. Best to you and your family.