Friday, May 20, 2011

Coming full circle....

The latest (and biggest!) in my Concha series.  This time in copper with silver as a highlight....

Coming Full Circle

A bit of a cliche I admit, considering it is a bracelet (circle!).  But, given that I've been working on this all week I've had plenty of time to think.  And what did I think of?

Pretty much what I think of every time I'm called to make conchas.  There is always a part of me that is surprised to find myself making jewelry with a distinct southwestern flair.  

As a youth, I was so familiar with this type of jewelry that it was just a given.  I wanted to see what other kinds of jewelry were out there, and for many years only collected "fine" jewelry.  

But here I am.  Making jewelry that is southwestern chic....I have this theory that many of us have the chance to come full circle.  There are those things that touch you along the way in your life, that you develop a great love for.  And then for what ever reason, you put it on the back burner and move on to other things.  But inevitably it seems we always come back to things that were true loves.  I'm grateful every time I get the opportunity to reaquaint myself with a past love.

This bracelet is rich with weight.  Two bezel set cabs of turquoise, each flanked by hand stamped conchas.  Little pops of silver on each piece as a highlight.  Sterling silver wire holds the components to the leather.  

And the leather!  Hand cut, hand dyed, and with a closure I came up with that I am calling the "corset closure".  I really wanted to do something other than snaps.  So, this cuff laces up the back, and has a sliding knot that can be loosened to make the cuff fit over the hand and then can be tightened back up.  

And....That's all I have this week.  I did get some PMC components made that I'm really excited about.  May is always super busy with the girls and their activities.  I spent a couple of days this week running the girls here and there, getting them both eye doctor appointments and new glasses.   Tomorrow we are going to stay at this big hotel in town that has an indoor water park.  Our Brownie troop is going as an award for their hard work selling cookies.  And the Mom's get to go too.  They let you get extra passes to the water park so Hubby is going to bring the little one to play too.  The girls are so excited!  They will not stop talking about going.  Me, I'm not as excited.  The girls are getting more and more independent, and we (the parents) don't really need to follow them around to make sure they're ok all the time.  But they are still too young to be unsupervised.  At least it is a cool group of Moms.  But I'm really not looking forward to the lack of sleep.  11 giggling  9 year old girls?  There's no telling what time they'll go to sleep!  :)  (I'm getting so old....)

Have a fabulous weekend all!  


  1. That is one gorgeous bracelet - you did a great job with all the stamping and the overall design. Have fun with the girls :-)!

  2. Awesome Amy! I love the fastening that you created too :)

  3. I hope you all enjoy the trip! I'm sure it'll turn out great:)

    The new piece is breathtaking. Truly. The photos look really great. I know what you mean about trying to do other things whether it's buying jewelry or moving around, but you always come back to those things which you've always known you love.