Monday, May 9, 2011

I just wanted to say...

That soldering copper on silver is ok....but soldering silver on copper is giving me fits.

That is all ;)


  1. It does me too...not sure why that is. Hope someone has some hints for making it work.

  2. Hmn...well, happy experimenting then, I guess!

  3. I agree but I learned a good tip, I have not tried it yet I just love silver so much, here it is..........

    Okay so you're using silver solder which is obviously visible YUCKY especially if it doesn't cooperate :(

    Electro pickle the piece causing the silver to turn copper color by adding a piece of steel wool to pickle. Obviously you would want to do it in a separate container than your pickle pot. If you try it let me know your results....

    Have a grand day, xo Ro

  4. Thanks for the support ladies! Ro, thanks so much! I tried to copper plate the silver spots, and only had a little luck. I've copper plated the crap out of stuff on accident before, but funny how it didn't want to work when I wanted it to! I was trying to spot copper plate by dapping steel wool in pickle then applying it to the spot. I really didn't think it worked that well, and I almost scrapped my project. But I persevered and finished my piece, and gave it a los bath and a nice scrub and they turned out beautifully!

    I really think it has something to do with the way copper conducts heat that makes the solder harder to control. Practice makes perfect eh?