Saturday, January 22, 2011


 Rhodonite from Nevada looking like a wood grain pattern.  The colors look like pink mixed with dark brown at first glance.  But when you look closely, it is in fact a deep dark purple.
 This particular stone was cut by Terry of LostSierra on Etsy.
 It has been in my collection for some time.  But when I went on my pink kick, I pulled it out.
 Doing a little research on the stone, I discovered that Rhodonite is associated with the emotion of Love.
 Well, no wonder I was drawn to it right now!  Now, when I am on a pink love kick.  (Thank you Valentines Day!
A lacy detailed edge and a scalloped bezel, heart cutouts on the back.  Pink opal, rhodocrosite, and pink tourmaline beads.  100% crafted by my own hands here in my home studio.

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