Friday, January 7, 2011


A little history first.  Last year, I followed a very creative metalsmith named Tomi.  And, I learned recently that's pronounced like "tommy" not "toe mee".  So, I have had to change her name in my mind, since for most of the year I had thought it would be "toe mee".  Anyway.... :)  She belonged to a flickr group called Ring A Day.   The challenge for the participants was to create a ring a day.  It didn't have to be made of metal, it could be made of anything.  From a full on fabricated silver ring, to a ring of paper.  Just so that you made a ring a day.

Tomi made it to the end.  One of the few from what I understand.  I joined the flickr group last year so I could check out all the rings, but never really got the chance to follow anyone but Tomi since I follow her blog.  And I must say, I really enjoyed seeing her posts every day, and my very favorites of her work are the shadow rings that she does.  They are super cool....

So, Tomi announced some time in December that she was starting a Ring A Week group.  I started toying with the idea right away.  I think I could handle a ring a week.  I really would like to use this project to challenge myself to try some new things.  I already have a list going!

My very first ring completed in the New Year was "Tranquillity".
 A fairly simple setting for this lovely cab of kyanite.
 This stone just spoke "Tranquillity" to me from the moment I touched it.  Calming, soothing, completely serene, and just, tranquil.  I tried to give her a different setting.  The original one was more boxy, a little squared scallops, coined edges.  A little edgier...
 But she just didn't like it.  I could feel that it wasn't right for this stone.
Calm soothing waves, like gentle rippling water was what this stone needed.  And so that is what she got.

My first RAW!!  I am excited to be a part of this group, getting to know other jewelry artists.  It's going to be a lot of fun and I invite you to follow me on my journey!


  1. You are off to a great start...good luck!

  2. The setting is perfect for her! Thank you so much for everything you wrote - and everyone thinks it's Toe-mee!

  3. What a great goal! That really does sound very reasonable to accomplish, so I'm sure it'll keep you going! Good luck and can't wait to see all of your rings.