Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Work

New Year, new work.  Even though all of these pieces were started last year, they were finished in the new year!  So here's to 2012!  I still need to take photos of these pieces on, ( the earrings and the necklace).  And then I have a few pairs of trifle earrings I need to get together and photographed, and then I can make a proper update in my Etsy shop to start the year off!
First up is the Tranquillity ring.  A gorgeous hunk of Kyanite, and I am thrilled beyond words that I was able to capture the gorgeous color of this stone in the pictures!  Wheee Hawww!  This silvery blue can conjure up nothing but serene and tranquil thoughts.  :)

This ring doesn't really follow along the same themes as these next two pieces.  It's sort of a transition to bigger things.  You'll see what I mean.  Hopefully by the end of the week....

More Conchas!  This time with a larger hunk of silver, and bezel set turquoise tear drop shaped cabs.  I love these and definitely see more in my future....
And, a New Mexican Fan Necklace.  Yes, I'm still with the wire wrapping of the beads.  I think I am finished with this  for right now.  My carpal tunnel is irritated, and I need a break.  I do so love the fringes of beads though.....

This necklace is designed to be worn long.  And the fringe is so much fun to fiddle with!

So I'm shooting for a proper update in the shop on Tuesday evening.  With New Year's resolutions and all that rot, I too am jumping on the band wagon.  You know the one that goes to the gym regularly, eats better, cooks more nutritious meals for the kids, sets goals and makes them, works on a steady schedule and produces new work every know the one.  :)  Let's see how far I make it before I fall off ;)  Have a fab Monday!  It's going to be a tough one here.  After two weeks of vacation time I am greeting Monday with mixed feelings.  See you again on Tuesday!


  1. Beautiful work. The ring is a must have! Is it the right size? Let me know. I'm loving my surprise win - the gorgeous Sonora Sunrise. Thank you, Amy!

  2. Gorgeous new work Amy! I'm really loving those earrings. Glad to see your work evolving. Your old work is lovely of course, but to keep ourselves excited we have to change things up a bit sometimes. Happy New Year!!