Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What would you call this ear wire?

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The shape of this ear wire is unusual in comparison to the typical fish hook or french ear wires you see on most jewelry. I'm having trouble deciding exactly what shape to call it. I settled on leaf shape.

There are only so many ways to bend a wire into a shape that can be called an ear wire. It is inevitable that there is going to be someone who already came up with a design that you thought was unique.

I have seen similar ear wires to this one on Etsy. One seller calls it "Elfin". Really cute name. I like it. They do resemble what we have come to think of as elf shaped ears. I also can see a leaf shape in them.

I am a bit of a Star Trek fan. Not a fanatic, but a fan. I have seen all of the television series, (except the original) and most of the movies. I have never been to a convention, nor do I plan on going to one. I haven't tried to learn how to speak Klingon, or dressed up like a Borg for Halloween. I did go see the latest Star Trek movie though, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Especially the young Spock played by Zachary Quinto. I have seen some of his other work, and photos, but he doesn't quite do anything for me unless he has those pointy ears!

Now can you see it? Shall I call them Vulcan ear wires? I think it is fun and a little nerdy, but I'm afraid most people wouldn't appreciate Vulcan ear wires, so I have settled on leaf shaped.

At any rate, they are a great ear wire. The shape is interesting and adds to the earring itself. The slight point at the top helps keep the ear wire right where it is supposed to stay. In the ear!


  1. Thanks for the follow. Love your stuff so decided to follow you back ;-) Spread the handmade love!

  2. TLC You're right! It does look like a spade! Amazing what you don't notice that someone else does!

  3. I would call it "Asian Nights" a red cinnabar or closionne bead dangling. The shape of the earring wires looks like the designs on the walls at the Taj Mahal. Nice earring wires.