Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ruby Mountain Reviews- Mini Bath Cupcake Bomb Fizz Fizzy!

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While on Twitter on fine day, I began following a cute little cupcake with a cool name. MyOtherPrincess. It turns out that My Other Princess sells some delicious looking bath products. I immediately fell in love with the cupcake fizzies. Such an original idea! They look so much like the real thing, that when I showed them to my daughters, they thought they could eat them!

I ordered the custom set of 5 mini cupcakes. My princesses chose ice cream flavor with pink icing, pink cupcake, and pink cupcake liners! My package arrived today. Each mini cupcake was lovingly wrapped and tied with a piece of curling ribbon. If you didn't know, you would think that it was an actual cupcake. My 4 year old has been carrying hers around with her since she got it just waiting for bath time.

We also received a lovely sample of Peach Raspberry Goat's Milk soap that smells scrumptious, and of course my daughters love this as well. They are now speculating as to whether the seller has her own goat, and does she live on a farm? I haven't asked, but whether she owns a goat or not, MyOtherPrincess delivers the goods in the fizzy department! I am very pleased to have found these, and look forward to purchasing more. They would make great shower gifts, stocking stuffers, birthday gifts, the list goes on! When considering pampering yourself, or your little princess, consider MyOtherPrincess. You will be glad you did!


  1. I'm glad you and your princesses like the cupcakes... as for a goat, I dont have one ;) Thanks for the blog post.
    Miranda (MyOtherPrincess)

  2. Oh, I'm heading over there now to take and look and maybe make a purchase. Now all I need is some pink jewels to go with the cupcakes and Frankie would be over the moon.