Friday, August 28, 2009

The Creative Process

I love looking of photos that other bloggers post of different stages of their work. I like to get an idea of how they make things, and how long it takes to complete a piece.

These are photos of my latest project. Gold filled wire and orange chalcedony briolettes. One earring is completed, and the components to the 2nd earring are lying beside it. I am in the process of wire wrapping the large circle. I hope to get them completed tonight so I can start the necklace tomorrow.

The briolettes are so gorgeous. The gold and orange look great together and remind me of the upcoming Fall season. It's almost here. The color of the briolettes are amazing. The best way to describe them is to liken them to juicy nectarines. My first thought was that they were a vibrant peach color, but they are smooth and shiny more like the skin of a nectarine. I've never had a bead look juicy to me before, but these are plump, beautiful beads!

I stopped to add up how long it will take me to complete these. 4 hours. 4 hours???? That long, really? Hmmm... Maybe too many interruptions from the kids!

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