Friday, August 14, 2009

Charlotte Earrings

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I had this idea about a month ago that I would like to make at least one piece of jewelry featuring the birthstone of each month. The first pair of earrings I made for August was listed on Etsy on August 1st. They sold out in 3 hours! I was so pleased, but it left me wishing I had made more than one piece featuring Peridot.

Peridot is one of those gemstones that just shouts Summertime! These particular earrings were made with faceted rondelles. These are some of the prettiest gems I have seen in a long time. Just gorgeous!

They are typical of what I have been designing lately. Wire wrapped with sterling silver wire onto elongated tear drop shapes, on hand made ear wires. As I got further into the creative process, the silhouette of these earrings reminded me for some reason of Charlotte York. For those of you who are not Sex and the City fans, Charlotte is the prim and proper one. She is also my personal favorite. The reason these remind me of Charlotte, is because I have a vision in my head of a dress that she wore once. The dress was form fitting around her hips and ended in a little flair at the bottom. Just like these earrings.


  1. I love these earrings - Peridot is my birth stone- you make it seem beautiful- I never looked at a Periodt as a beautiful stone- but it really is... nice job! I think I know what dress you are talking about...

  2. My birthstone is Ruby. I always wanted it to be a sapphire. I guess we are just never pleased with what we have!