Monday, March 18, 2013


I am an Enigma.  I have felt this way since high school, but feel it more acutely at certain times.  I have trouble defining myself because I don't fit the "definition" of any one thing.

My views are to Protestant to truly be Catholic, and yet I am too Catholic to be Protestant.

I am too liberal to be conservative, but too conservative to be liberal.

I've not been to an institution of higher learning, and yet I don't consider myself "uneducated".

I love to be alone, but being alone isn't good for me.

I have trouble calling myself an artist, but what else would you call someone who has made things all their life?

I do my best not to judge others, but I feel judged. 

I sometimes wish there were a place on this earth to go where I wasn't required to define myself for the sake of someone else.  Where I wasn't judged for a stance I chose to take.  Most of all I wish I wasn't afraid to take a stance for my beliefs. 

I am an Enigma.....

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