Thursday, June 14, 2012


This is the piece I entered in Cool Tools antique mold contest.  I received an email last week telling me that I had been chosen as one of the winners!  I gotta say I was really happy.  When I entered, I really didn't think I had a chance of winning.  I didn't even look at any of the other entries until after I had found out I'd placed, so I had no idea how my piece would compare to the other entries.

Here is a link to the post on their website

I tied for 3rd place!  I am feeling so honored, and proud.  I truly enjoyed making this piece, and I wouldn't have entered it if I hadn't felt that it was some of my best work.  This bracelet is really special.  Two gorgeous Kingman Mine Turquoise cabochons from my very favorite lapidary artist, Ed over at Stones in Motion on Etsy, oval conchos made from PMC Sterling which I just love.  I've worked with PMC3 in the past, and I gotta say that the PMC Sterling is amazing.  Especially perfect for what I want to use it for, which is combining it with traditional metalsmithing techniques.  

The design is perfect in that the links stay facing up and don't flip around when being worn.  It is adjustable from 7 1/2" to just short of 9".  It has been listed in my online store, and can be found here:

The making of this bracelet has been a positive experience for me in so many ways.  Most of all, it makes me want to make more bracelets!  :-)


  1. Congrats! Your bracelet is gorgeous! Love the conchos!

  2. Beautiful bracelet Amy and Congrats on 3rd place - should have been first but 3rd is good also. Have fun spending that gift certificate.