Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My sinuses are killing me.  The weather here in NE Texas has been fairly warm for the middle of January.  My kids were outside all day long, all weekend long.  And today it is much colder.  And what with the fluctuating temperatures, my sinuses are screaming.  Screaming I tell you.  Accompanied by a wailing headache.  Okay, I may be exagerating a bit.  But just a bit.

I get these sinus issues several times a year, and I've managed to work out a pretty good combo of meds that will eventually control the pain.  But I still feel depressed and like my brain is only half working.  And tired. 

And all I want to do is play with metal.  I am literally never without an idea of something I want to make.  It is just finding the time to do it.  And today actually feeling well enough to do it!  I am trying to concentrate on working in sort of collections.  Like my last batch was all hand stamped.  I love to stamp, and I think I will go back to it again and again.  But I am ready to move on to something else.  The next collection...

Right now I am dreaming of enameled earings, and simple rings with beautiful stones.  But first!  First I am going to attempt to recycle my own silver scrap into sheet.  I got the last of the supplies I needed last week, and have been waiting for the girls to go back to school (four day weekend!!!) to see if I can do it. 

I'll keep you updated!

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