Saturday, January 21, 2012

Just for me..

Over the Holidays, my cousin commissioned me to make a cuff bracelet for her Mother in law.  I had about a 4.5" strip of 18 gauge sterling sheet 1/2" wide left over, and decided to run it through the rolling mill until I could get enough length on it that I could make myself a cuff.  I think it ended up being maybe 21 gauge.  I don't know for sure since I don't have any calipers.  Which, btw are on my to get wish list.  I think they will come in handy especially since I'm processing my own scrap.

Anyway...The last cuff I made myself also had a similar silhouette, which I didn't realize until I thought to try wearing them together.   I guess I just love the scalloped edge!

This one I stamped in a concentric circle using 3 different sized dot stamps, with flowers in the center.  I set three 4mm iolite cabs on there because I love iolite.  It is a gorgeous shade of violet blue. 

The thinner gauge is ok, for me, but I wouldn't sell one that thin.  I've decided to offer it as a made to order item with choice of stone, in 18 gauge sterling.   I have it listed in my online store, but not yet on Etsy.  

I recently made myself a nice pair of sterling earrings too.  I don't often set about making something I know will be mine.  I have pieces in my personal collection that I have made,  but usually because they never sold!  lol  It's kinda nice to treat myself once in awhile.  How about you?  Do you make things just for you? 


  1. I've made one piece specifically for me - a birthday present to myself last year - but usually I may "borrow" necklace or bracelets that I've made for sale for a little while to check that they hang properly and that the clasps work with the design. For a jewellery designer I actually own very little jewellery of my own!

  2. I don't often make things for myself. But I do have a small collection of rings. Some I have solely made for myself from the start...others were practice pieces I have kept. Love the cuff!!

  3. I used to wear jewelry with that I make it, I never wear any. Beautiful cuff Amy.

  4. Yeah, I like to do test runs on pieces too. I think you almost have to as a good jewelry designer. Sometimes things just don't work, and I'd rather know before I send it out into the world!

    Em, I have lots of practice pieces too! I need to melt those suckers down and start over. It's amazing how crappy some of those pieces were! ;-)

    Sandi, it's so weird! I'm the same. I have to make a concentrated effort to be wearing jewelry when I leave the house. And now I feel like I should be wearing my own jewelry!