Thursday, January 26, 2012

Etsy Fort Worth

Did I tell you?

I just slapped on my boots and my badge and joined a local Etsy team!

Well, not really my boots.  And not really a badge either, but come on.  It's Ft. Worth.  What do you guys think of when you hear Ft. Worth?  Cowtown.

And yes, it is Cowtown.  But those cowboys and girls must love them some art because Ft. Worth also has a thriving arts district.

Yee Haw!!


Anywho,  I joined this team mainly looking for local exposure, and to get the skinny on events around town since I mostly live under a rock.  
(luckily under my rock there is a super cool studio filled with fun stuff to play with!)

It is a small team, but are quite active.  I'll be writing for the team blog which you can find 

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