Friday, January 13, 2012

I am slowly transitioning into the New Year.  I've found myself a little depressed ever since my parents left on the 1st.  It seems to me that I remember feeling this way last year after the Holidays also.  I've come to the conclusion that it is just a bit of a let down after all that go go go go for almost 2 months straight.  On one hand I love the leisurely pace I am able to enjoy, but yet I have this nagging feeling that things should be rolling along faster.

It doesn't help that on December 31st at midnight, along with ringing in the New Year, my husband starts harping about the taxes.  I hate doing paper work.  I know it would be easier if I kept up with it month to month but I don't.  I prefer to torture myself and my husband by procrastinating to the point that I must spend a solid week sitting at the computer jogging numbers around.  Bluck!  :-p

So in between trying to make a dent in the taxes, working on orders, and being a smidge leisurely I have been making some new pieces.

I have a couple more things on the burner.  A necklace for sure.  A couple of earring ideas that are haunting me.  And I'm already planning the next collection.  This collection is tied together in that all the pieces have been hand stamped or hand engraved in some way.

I set out down the road to discover more Turkish Delights.  And along the way I seemed to run into the American Southwest a little as well.  It is interesting to me that in my mind they really aren't that far apart.  The repeating patterns.  Sometimes with a western vibe, sometimes an eastern vibe.  The line is fine.

Here is a little sneaky peaky.  The light was just gorgeous this morning and I was able to get pictures taken.  I plan on finishing the stragglers, and will be updating my online store next week!  I'll let you guys know for sure when I decide that will be.

Until then my friends, enjoy your weekend!  I know I will!  :-)


  1. What, what just happened here, are you trying to kill me here Darling:D Didn't you know that I am the most impatient person in the world!!! Ahhhhh, I shall sip on some of my soul calming tea until you reveal these beauties:)) You have a beautiful weekend my dear Amy!Much love, Feri

  2. I start fussy about taxes in October...I hate for the year to end because I know that is my next big project. I tell myself every year, I will do the paperwork each month...NOT!

    Love the new that a ring up in the top left corner...gorgeous...the light made for a beautiful photo.

  3. Ek...I know what you mean. It's really hard to keep the momentum going once you get a good break in and then there's just a dead stop. I feel the same. Every year. But, as January rolls on, my toes start getting a bit antsy and I need to move again. Good luck getting out of the funk! Making beautiful work isn't a bad way to go about it either;)

  4. Feri dear would you believe that this is an exercise in patience for me? Usually I want to list something as soon as I make it! I can't believe I've held out this long! Send me some soul calming tea too!!! ;-) It won't be much longer now!

    Yes Sandi! It's a ring. I'm working on a companion piece right now! A necklace.

    Thank you Nancy! That's exactly what it is...funk. :-)

  5. Wow looks like you have certainly been a busy lady! Wish I could get my ideas made....send some of your creative juice my ways puhleeeze???? ♥