Monday, July 26, 2010

Fresh from the tumbler...

Fine silver butterfly with Rubies. Made with PMC3. This one is almost choker style. I love it!

Remember how I told you I wanted to develop some new stamped name designs? Well, I decided to revisit this design
and incorporate it with the stamped names. My sister was the guinea pig for this one. Lucky thing, because I LOST my MIND, and put the solder on the inside of my components, and well, you can see what happened. Live and learn eh? Also tried out my new font! This design is a keeper. Just need better craftsmanship next time! :)

I'm sending a package west for my nieces birthday. I'm also including my Mom's thumb ring that she requested. Made one for myself too! :)

Swirly top flower earrings on posts. These are mine! Plans are in the works to make more though.

Richly textured fine silver post earrings. Made with the last of my PMC3......I am still in production mode for the show in October. I'd like to get a series of affordable things made so I can have time to create some masterpieces as well!

Anywho...I'll be out of the studio for most of the week, but will still be answering emails and convos if you need me! Have a fabulous week everyone! :)


  1. beautiful work! oh, i'm having such withdrawal. can't wait to be abel to get back to work.

  2. So the butterfly.