Monday, July 19, 2010

Long Earrings

I made and listed these in the shop last week. After I started listing them, I realized that they were all quite long.

So, next round of earrings will be medium length and posts. I already have a few designs floating around my sketch book that I'm aching to dive into.

I went to a bead show in Ft. Worth on Sunday. It was ok, the same ol same ol beads I always see at these shows, and no cab sellers! :( Last year there was at least one vendor that had nothing but cabs, this year nada. It made me more than ever convinced I need to keep saving my pennies so I can got to Tuscon next year for the big gem show.

The show I do in October is really on my mind lately. It's at my church, so I have been filling my sketch book with various cross designs. I didn't do anything last year that had crosses, but it seems like kind of a no brainer to bring some cross designs to a church. That, and I've been really drawn to crosses lately. I'm thinking they must be trendy to use in home decor and such, because I've been seeing them everywhere. My Mom collects them and found quite a few nice ones when we went shopping in Fredricksburg. At any rate, I figure making them will be good for me to explore different designs along the same theme.

It's kinda stressing me out if I think about it too much. I still need to buy displays, and I'm thinking of having a sign made to hang on the front of my table. If I do that, then I'll need to have coordinating tablecloths and such. And so on, and so on....not to mention actually building an inventory. Ahhhh!!! I also got a new scripty, calligraphy like font to make stamped jewelry like I did last year. The stamped jewelry went over pretty well, but I want to develop some new designs. So I need to work on that too.

It has been 104 degrees every day for about a week now. Boy is it awful. I hate the heat...can't stand it. At 104 degrees standing in the sun, it takes about 30 seconds to start feeling like you are baking. I am in full summer hibernation mode. I don't leave my house unless I absolutely have to! Hopefully it won't last long and we'll get a reprieve, like it will drop to 98 or something. Still scorching, but easier to cope with. Every fiber of my being is aching for Fall...

I have a commission to finish up, and I need to make my sister a Mother's ring, but I still hope to have a few new things by the end of the week.... Until then, have a fabulous week my friends! :)

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  1. Oh I love those turquoise earrings. They are so pretty.

    You are too brave to do a show! Those scare me! Everything you said and more!