Friday, July 23, 2010

Sleeping Beauty's Rose Wreath

It all began with this first ring (which, is on sale in the shop). Then, I was contacted by a customer who loved the ring, but could I make on with roses on the band? I'll tell you the truth. I tried to put her off at first. She was gently persuasive, and I decided to give it a go. I really wasn't sure I could make it work, but here she is......

Luckily it turned out beautifully, and I was asked to make a matching necklace and earrings as well.

I was very happy with how they turned out! They are on their way now to their new home, and I hope my customer loves them as much as I do!! This whole experience was just wonderful. I really enjoyed working with this delightful woman who knew what she wanted, wasn't afraid to ask for it (very politely I might add) and complimented me every step of the way. She gave me the artistic freedom to do what I wanted (which I always ran by her first), and she stroked my ego in a way that I am finally beginning to believe more in myself as a metalsmith.

On tap for today are post earrings. Oh, and I am doing a little experiment with facebook. I made an ad that is running from last night at 6 til tonight at 6. I already have some new fans!! Yay! I hope they like me ;)

Have a fabulous Friday everyone!!!!


  1. beautiful work!

  2. Beautiful job Amy.

  3. Gorgeous stuff Amy! I bet she will be thrilled with the set, I know I would be :) Well done :)

  4. Outstanding! I love love love that necklace.

    I love customers who know what they want! I like the ones that need a little help, too! They either inspire use or challenge us!