Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Dream

No matter what you do, it seems you have a dream. What you would like whatever it is you're doing to be. Every truck driver dreams of owning his own truck some day. Every dishwasher wants to move up to waiter. You know. The dream.

Mine is to make whatever I want, whenever I want, how I want. I won't jump through any hoops for anyone. Unless I want to. And I'll charge what it's really worth. And people will pay it!

So I continue to hone my skills and I learn something with every piece I make.

The kids go back to school Monday and I'm looking forward to some quiet time. Creating time. I almost always blog with pics I take on my phone. For reasons I haven't figured out how to fix, the photos post large and fuzzy. If you click on the photo you'll get a better view. Be back soon....


  1. Beautiful. I have a thing for moons and stars too. Did you make the moon out of a chunk of silver?? It's great.

    1. Aren't the cosmos inspiring? Yes I made it out of silver :)