Sunday, August 18, 2013


I'm giving myself a bit of a challenge. It has two parts.

The first begins with an article I read the other day about some head doctor who has written a book suggesting Steve Jobs had a new disorder called obsessive compulsive personality disorder. Which evidently is different than your more common OCD. It claimed that one of the positive effects if OCPD is obsession. Individuals with this disorder seem to have the ability to do the same thing over and over. Single mindedly pursuing the same subject to perfection.

I found it fascinating, and decided that I am just the opposite of this. I get bored pretty quickly.

So the first part of my challenge to myself is to explore a subject more fully at once. I almost always draw several versions before I settle on a design. Sometimes I have trouble deciding which version I want to use. Why not make more than one? Each a little different? Usually because I'm ready to jump to a new idea. So I'm going to give in to a little obsession and see what comes of it.

I'm beginning with a subject I've gone back to time and again. The moon and the stars.

This is the warm up piece I told you about. The stone is faceted labradorite.

This is the back side. A shooting star.

The 2nd part of the challenge is to use only supplies I have on hand. I tend to stock up, or hoard if you will....I have so many stones! :)

I'll be back soon with more new work to share. I am going to wrap up whatever I am working on by Wednesday and will be updating my shop on Thursday.

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