Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Picture of the day is:

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My oldest daughter announced when she was 5 that she wanted to be an artist. She's been in art classes since and just turned 11. She recently started a class with a new teacher and she has come alive again in her art. She has been on hiatus for a few months. It is good to see her working again. She came home happier than I have seen her in a long time and that makes me happy too.

Have I showed you guys these? I'm sorry I don't remember! Anywho these are copper Oz earrings with riveted sterling.

They came about in evolution from these :

I have another set in silver that I'm working on. And feel the need to make more in copper. I have this love affair with copper that sort of comes and goes. It is fully on right now. I've got copper everywhere. It is such a beautiful metal to work with. I love the patina dark and brushed back slightly. Mmmmmhmmmmm

We took the girls to see Oz the Great and Powerful. I was surprised to find that I liked it, and found great inspiration as well. The Oz earrings are an artistic representation of the tornado.

I've also been thinking a lot about the old time carnival side shows. I'm going to begin researching them. Dancing bears, bearded ladies, what other cliche things am I missing? I'm going to go find out!

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