Sunday, April 14, 2013


Study for poppy seed pods.
I enjoy sketching and I do it often, but I don't draw as well as I'd like to. Lucky for me my metalwork is better than my drawing.
I am in full on Spring mode. I'm inspired by the bees who were the first fellows out this spring swarming our Carolina Jasmine. I've been thinking about them and how important they are. How amazing they are. What a tasty product they make.

Poppies are on my mind, and poppy pods turn me on with that perfectly segmented lines thing going on in the center.

Butterflies. I've been dreaming of them. It's crazy.

Birds. I always see the same cardinal on my runs. And the mallards. They call to be made as well.

Flowers. Always and forever flowers. This time of year is a gold mine of inspiration. It is a rich time.

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