Wednesday, April 10, 2013

100/365 and something new

Ok the photo of the day is:

My oldest is going to play the clarinet next school year in band. I'm so excited! I played for five years in school. I've been working with her a little. She seems excited too. She considered the flute as well, but when having the opportunity to try one she decided she preferred the clarinet. I would have been happy either way. I wanted to play the flute originally and wouldn't have minded getting a chance to play one. Anyway, beside all that. Band is expensive! And they're picky too about quality of instruments. Basically no cheap instruments. They must not have cared when I was a kid because the plastic Vito I have isn't really good enough for them. They want a wood clarinet. Anyway we are all totally nerding out over the clarinet.

In other news, I made these:

I've really been thinking a lot about butterflies since we went to go see the butterfly IMAX. That show was amazing. Just Monarchs everywhere. And in those theaters it's like they are about to fall down on you. So. Cool.

So I made these. Imprinted Butterflies on copper. Sterling chains to an orange agate heart. The orange is an homage to the Monarch.

I have another pair of these imprinted butterflies on my bench waiting to be another pair of earrings. Something a little different this time. Soon.

And finally, Bates Motel rocks my socks off.

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