Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Over 100

I kinda had this goal in my head that I wanted to have at least 100 pieces in my Etsy shop before the Holiday shopping season began.  After I listed these:

Kingman Turquoise





I have 102 pieces in my shop!  I did it!

This last collection of earrings was really all about the stones.  I used some of my very best in this batch.

The Apatite blows my mind.  I'm used to seeing Apatite that looks like this:

Don't get me wrong!  I love this Apatite.  Dark blue turns me on.  But the clarity and transparency in these 6mm Apatite cabs is perfection.

And Iolite.  Rose cut Iolite.  Why don't I see this stone very often?  It is so gorgeous!  A purply blue that I just love.

I can always go for Turquoise any day of the week, so I had to use those.  Garnets?  As soon as it cools down even a smidge, out come the garnets for me.

That Citrine has a golden glow that you just wouldn't believe.  And rose cut as well.  And November's birthstone.  :)

All on patterned silver.  

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  1. Really beautiful pieces just like every thing else in your shop!