Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday fun day!

Since the kids aren't allowed to dress up for "Halloween" anymore at school, they do this Book Parade instead.  The 2nd graders have been learning about pirates, and they all dressed up as pirates. 

In 5th grade, they were required to read a biography and then dress up like that person.  My girl was Frida Kahlo.  I was dying to paint on a unibrow and mustache, but she wouldn't let me. 

It's very hard to find a biography for kids on Frida.  Her life was exceedingly colorful and tragic.  I discovered a cool book mainly of photos of what was found in a trunk of hers after her passing.   Little drawings and notes she had written.  There were naughty drawings and all sorts of adult rated references, so my girl couldn't look at them. 

I've read her biography on line as much as I can find.  And I've seen the movie with Selma Hayek.  But I still don't feel like I've had enough of Frida.  She is inspiring me, and working in my mind the way things tend to do for me.  Almost brewing.  I want to read a full length biography, but am waffling about which to choose. 

I realize today that October is just about over.  Good Lord.  There are a couple of things that really irk me about that.  I really wanted to make a Sugar Skull design this year.  And I've had these sterling spiders for a couple of years now that I wanted to do something with.  And bats.  I always love bats.  I didn't get any of it made.    Oh well.  Onward....

My big girl goes to a Halloween party tonight, and my little girl is having her own little Halloween fun at home with a friend.  That means I better go make sure the house is presentable.  Have a good day all!

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  1. Awh, how fun! Yes...Frida's life unfortunately isn't suitable for kids eyes. And I do wish she would have let you paint her facial hair- lol. Why not make the halloween pieces anyway? Then you'll have them already done for next year!