Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Three Fates Cuff

I showed you guys a work in progress pic of this cuff on Wednesday, and here she is all ready to go:

I got a request a couple of weeks ago from a lovely lady who wanted a sterling cuff based on my Three Fates Necklace  

I've always wanted to make a sterling cuff!  It was an excellent learning process and I was happy to have the challenge.  I can't call it a complete success until I hear back from the lovely lady regarding the sizing.  So until then, I'll keep my fingers crossed!  :-)

I hope you all enjoy your weekend!  And thank you so much to all you fabulous ladies out there who snatched up a trio of my quartet yesterday!  You all made me smile.   :-)


  1. It is gorgeous customer will love it. I have always wanted to make a cuff bracelet also but have been afraid to tackle it...that's some serious silver.

  2. Gorgeous ~ I love making cuffs and have been sticking with the anticlastic version but so far everyone has been happy which I will be betting the lucky owner of this one will be :)

  3. That sure is a hunk of a beautiful cuff especially for your maiden voyage!