Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Service Announcement!

Hello all!  Just a little FYI.
I have removed all the made to order items out of my shop on Etsy, 
and deactivated all products in my own shop hosted by Big Cartel.

I just don't have time to make anything else!  
I am going to be lucky to finish everything I've already taken on.
My last shipping day before Christmas will be on December 20th.  
All orders must be placed by December 19th in order to make it before Christmas.
Anything purchased after the 19th I cannot guarantee that it will make it on time.
(this applies to orders in the US only-International deadline has already passed!)

This Holiday season has kept me delightfully busy, but I am starting to feel the pressure this week.
Lots of things to be done, and lots of parties for the kids.
Well, off to it then.  Have a great day all!


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