Friday, December 9, 2011

Preview of new pieces...

Sterling and Labradorite

Bleeding Heart w/ Garnet

Dendritic Opal and Sterling

Back of the Dendritic opal
I had another pair of earrings, but I'm not happy with them.  Some things work, some don't....what are you going to do?  ;-)

These pics are a preview.  The light isn't that great today, and I need to retake most of the photos I took today in the yucky light....

If you are interested in reserving any of these pieces, please contact me at otherwise I hope to be back tomorrow with better pictures!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and are enjoying the magic of the Holiday season!


  1. Love the bleeding heart earrings especially! Beautiful work.

  2. every day i fall more and more in love with your jewelry designs. if i can get my husband to buy that beatiful green lucite/silver necklace in your shop, i will be a happy gal. :)

  3. Holy Molly Amy!!! The magic is ongoing in your studio! They are BEAUTIFUL and especially I heart the bleeding heart earrings, WOWWWW!!!xoxo

  4. Gorgeous pieces...especially the bleeding heart earrings...great job!

  5. I'm really impressed with how much you can get done, your productivity.

  6. Thank you so much ladies!! I feel like I am really starting to hit my stride...

    @ Kirsten I wish I were more productive! and something has to suffer for time spent at the bench (like the housework!)