Thursday, September 8, 2011

Silver Filled Earwires...

I don't know how long silver filled products have been around for, but I just recently discovered this silver filled wire.

I have some super cute base metal charms that I want to make some affordable earrings with,  but was kinda stuck when it came to putting an ear wire on them.  With the price of silver being what it is, it really adds to the cost of a piece to use my usual sterling silver ear wires.

The silver filled wire is a perfect solution!  It is wire made of either sterling or fine silver over a base metal core.  In this case, it's red brass.  I've read that it is supposed to be a layer of silver hundreds of times thicker than silver plate.  It can be hammered, soldered etc and still maintain it's silver look.

If you look really closely, you can see the brass at the end of the wire:

I have added these 7 styles to my shop, all in a shiny finish.  I have yet to oxidize them, but I don't foresee them looking any different than solid sterling.  

I'm really excited about offering this new option in my findings shop.  I always have plans to add to my shop, but it seems that it only happens a little at a time!

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  1. Very pretty. I bought a small piece of the silver-filled sheet to play with but I really don't like the finish on's almost like a really old mirror - I can actually see myself in it....maybe that's why I don't like it :-). I don't know if it will clean up better but I'll give it a go. Your wire has a really pretty finish...looks just like sterling and it is much more affordable.