Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Copper Queen...

Copper Kites with Czech Glass in Gorgeous Autumn Colors

Copper Kites with Turquoise, because Turquoise goes with EVERYTHING!

Rain Clouds in nearly 4 inches of Copper!!

I feel like I'm turning into the Copper Queen.  
I've been working almost exclusively with copper over the past several weeks. 

I'm not sure why.   I guess there are several reasons really.  I'm running low on Silver, and am hoarding it, like a squirrel hoards his acorns.  

I also think it's because I am just in love with patinated copper.  What a gorgeous color!  And this time of year, it's just perfect.

I'm still trying to make some affordable pieces for my upcoming show, and the rain clouds in copper were a custom for a friend.  

I would never have thought to make my rain clouds in copper, but they turned out gorgeous!  Extra long with my best turquoise beads.  I'm in love with these!

I'm trying to motivate myself to hit the gym.  And then there's room Mom duties to attend to.  The post office.  And then finally.... 

more copper.  

Have a fabulous day all!


  1. Gorgeous! And copper is perfect for fall!

    I need to get my butt in shape too. Hard to get motivated this time of year.. It's getting colder and it's raining.. and the sofa keeps calling my name and oh those yummy bowls of popcorn.. Sigh..

  2. I too have a passion for copper! Must be something about why I don't like gold but want an alternative color to silver. Anyway, great new pieces, especially those rain cloud earrings!

  3. GORGEOUS!! Those rain clouds are to die for... clever woman!

  4. The clouds in copper are just a lovely as in silver!! I am hording my last little sliver of silver....I'm scared to use it up lol. I do have a big sheet of copper that I should prob have a play with. Enjoy being the copper queen!