Thursday, September 29, 2011

I belong to a team on Etsy called The Aspiring Metalsmiths.  
A couple of the members came up with the idea to make a graphic that we could all use on our Facebook pages, Twitter,  blogs, etc.... as a way of promoting the handmade movement this Holiday season.

I have always made things.  It's only recently that I have truly realized that people can earn their livings making things.  It's not always just someone at a craft show selling the stuff they've made in their spare time at home as a hobby.  

Granted, we all start out as hobbyists.  
But as the investment in time spent honing your skills, and the investment in the tools and supplies grows you quickly realize that what you are doing is not just a hobby anymore.  

There are many people who make things as their only means of support.  There are countless Moms like me who want to be at home for their children but are still looking to contribute to their household finances.  

And let me tell you.  It is work to run your own small business.  The creation of the product is the fun part.  The other aspects are not as much fun.   Marketing, accounting, packaging and shipping, picture taking, customer service...
you get the idea right?  

Listen, all I'm trying to say is consider spending some of your Holiday budget on handmade.  Go to local art and craft shows.  Buy an ornament from the lady next door who makes them.  
Considering a splurge for your special lady?  Get her some quality handmade jewelry. 
Just get out there and buy Handmade!  :-)  

I think I'm going to have to do a series of posts on my favorite places to shop for handmade!  There is some fabulous work out there!!!


  1. Great idea! I love buying handmade gifts. Those are the best ones. Unique and crafted with care. I know I love getting those myself!

  2. Very inspiring post my dear....BUY HANDMADE... love the banner! I really need to join your team but I am not much of a "team" person...I like to read what others write but I don't seem to contribute much.

    I is difficult to run a small business...there is a lot to consider but it's also a great feeling knowing that you have made something that someone else actually wants to purchase.

  3. That's great!
    I try my best to give handmade. It is also a way of helping others crafters.
    Do to others what you would like others to do to you.
    I am looking forward of reading those posts.