Thursday, September 15, 2011

Monterrey Bay Aquarium

~Monterrey, California~

Of all the creatures in the sea.  This has always been Isabella's favorite.  
This is a Bat Ray.  She got to touch it!  She's not picky...she likes all the Ray's.  Bat Rays, Sting Rays, Manta Rays....

These are some of my favorites.  The sea stars in the touch pool.

The girls like the touch pool too!

Pretty little Sea Urchin and Sea Star

I forget what these are called...

I've never seen these live before!  Sand Dollars.

I've never seen these before either and they were cool and creepy all at once.
They're called Mermaids Purses.  They are these pod things that a baby (I forget again what they are!)
growing in them.  

They still humor me when it comes to getting pictures...

Sea Turtle coming to say Hi to my little one.

The Sea Horse exhibit was my favorite!

I love aquariums, and always try to visit them when I can.  
This one was a really nice one and I would recommend stopping in if you're in the area!


  1. How fun! I always enjoy going to aquariums. Isn't sea life amazingly gorgeous and weird all at once!?

  2. I love going to aquariums too. Second best after the real deal. I've never seen live sand dollars either. The palm-tree looking stingy thing is a sea anemone. :)

  3. The sand dollars are so cool! It looks like a great day out at the aquarium :)

  4. looks amazing. my daughter would love it. too bad im so far away

  5. I love M B Aquarium it's a wonderful resource for children anddd mommies!
    :) :)