Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Work in Progress...

I want to thank everyone for their input on my post about the charm necklaces.

After agonizing over it for awhile, I decided I must pick a direction and decided to go for it!

You guys are right about keeping an eye on all those little pieces.

I'm not too worried about the show I do at the church, but I applied to a much larger show in Ft. Worth that if I get in, I will have to worry about watching my pieces more closely.

My Mom wants to come in from Nevada to help at my church show, but I think I'll  have her come instead for the Funky Finds show.  Again....if I get in.

I told you guys how I wanted to tweak my display?

So, last night I bought this....

I think it will be perfect for the charmies...I have big plans to take out some of the spacers, and to paint it or something... I don't know.  I'll have to see when I get it.

Well...on to the work in progress!

I am continually drawn to all things oceanic, and am on bit of an ocean inspired kick.  Specifically sea shells.  

I have just about given up on the hope that I will be as productive as I'd like to be.  It's a double edged sword.  I'd love to have more time to create, but I must put my family first.  Soon the girls will be old enough to not even want to be around me, and then I'll have all the time in the world.  Until then it is a priority to spend time with them.  

These pieces are coming along slow but sure.  To give you an idea, I started the seashell and amazonite  piece over a week ago.  The large single shells about 5 days ago... That contraption in the middle is for a custom order.  This is what is really taking my time.  Thinking a lot.  Thinking too much.  

I am attempting to make a prong type setting that will allow the piece to be completely reversible.  About 11:00 last night I think I finally worked out in my mind exactly how it will look, and how I will go about achieving it.  It's kinda scary.  I haven't put myself outside of my comfort zone in a long time...

So, who knows when it will all be finished.  There are also lots of charmies in the works....I think I best set myself a deadline.  Let's say by next friday I hope to have a few sea shells to sell by (or away from!)  the sea shore...


  1. Is there a picture missing of your display or is it in the picture? Love the WIPs...especially the large amazonite piece. Sounds like you are really busy...take a deep breath & will all work out.

  2. No, I didn't attach a pic of the display from last year. I probably ought to dig one up to show you guys though....

  3. The ammozonite piece is very ambitious and looks amazing. I'm on an ocean kick too. I wish I was on the Oregon coast freezing :)

    Good luck with your shows, I've never had anything taken.

  4. Thanks Ro. You read my mind about Oregon. I love, love, love the Pacific northwest. Especially this time of year when it is 106 degrees...I would be so happy to be freezing in Oregon where the mountains meet the ocean!