Tuesday, May 4, 2010


It's always interesting how a design will turn out, at least for me. I've been drawing a design around this square cut of onyx for awhile now, over thinking it as usual. Suddenly, the muse struck me and I got to work one day without really thinking much. Turns out I had drawn that design so much, that it had influenced the out come, at least shape wise.

My original plan was to do a cut out back plate, basically in the shape that it is now, and hand stamp lines through the scallops. I still might do it some time. But when I sat down to work this wire was on my bench and I kinda just went with it.

As for the name...I fancy myself a bit of an Anglophile. I am obsessed with the history of the British monarchy. I have always been interested in the Victorian era, and after just reading the umpteenth book on the subject, I have been inspired to name this ring the Victoriana Tile ring.

The people of the Victorian era were obsessed with proper protocol in all things, but especially mourning. They donned all black not only in their attire, but in their furnishings, stationary, and, you guessed it.... jewelry.

I thought it might be a little morbid to name this a mourning ring, so I went with Victoriana Tile Ring. :)

The ladies down here in Texas love their big jewelry, and I can picture said southern belles brandishing this ring about over their salad at Central Market. Except I'd need to make a big chunky necklace to go with it as well...... maybe someday. I do have more black onyx.....


  1. This ring is a beauty Amy! Love that onyx stone, it's one of the nicest I've seen! I love medieval stuff....I hope to one day make some pieces similar to that era :)

  2. Gorgeous ring...love it.