Monday, May 10, 2010

I just had to do it.....

I'm totally bummed out, and I hate having to do it, but I just put RubyMtnBeads in vacation mode at ArtFire and Etsy. And I removed all made to order items from both AmyNicoles on Etsy and AmyNicole on Artfire. Everything that is ready to ship is still listed.

I'm just swamped. I HAVE to get the lamb pins finished, along with some other custom orders. My house is a mess, my parents are coming in a few weeks, the girls have a bunch of stuff going on between now and the end of school. I just have to get everything in order and under control.

I feel bad about having to do this, but I think it is the only way to save my sanity. After all, if I lose my mind, I won't be any good to anyone!

So I'll be on semi-hiatus until my parents leave on June 5th. I'll still be around, answering e-mails and convos if you need to get ahold of me.

I think I feel better already...........


  1. Hello, I'm a new follower and love your work. I know how you feel. We will be moving soon to another state and I just can't seem to get my stuff together. Too much to do with/for the kids, plus everyday stuff and getting ready for the move this summer. My etsy stores have been ignored much to my dismay. Well, here's to having our life get back on track soon. Cheers, Sandra

  2. You gotta do what you need to do...take a deep breath and relax! Have fun with your parents.

  3. Hey Amy,
    you should as much time to relax as needed. Art and craft should be first and foremost fun and passion. So if you are too tired you should not force yourself to work on something.
    Hope you'll feel better soon.


  4. Thanks ladies for the support. You are so right Maria! I'm hoping the break will fire my creativity...

  5. Love your new banner, logo, etc.!

  6. Hi Amy! Sounds like you made the right decision - the cleaning for a parental visit alone would have me in a minor panic! :) I'm sure the partial break will do you good & you'll be raring to get back to it come June 5th! I hope you enjoy your time w/ your parents!