Monday, May 17, 2010

My new logo, and Under the Sea......

Have you guys noticed my new logo and banner? It was designed by the lovely Jillian of ThePaperRobin on Etsy. I tell you, this woman had the utmost patience with me, and I truly love what she put together.

I have all new business cards, stickers, note cards etc, ordered and I can't wait to start sending out my new packaging! I'm going to have her revamp my blog next. My first banner and avatar set was of the pre made variety, and while it suited it's purposes, it was time to have something all my own. After the black and white look I am really loving the soft and gentle colors of this design. Don't you love how she incorporated bits of my work into it?

I've been working away on the lambs, and I am happy to report they are finished and in the tumbler as we speak!!!! A full 3 days ahead of schedule. I am usually such a procrastinator that I am quite pleased with myself for having them ready well in advance. I hope the teachers love them!

And, I have a little something new to show you. Under the Sea.....

The fabulous aqua colored druzy stone hasn't been set yet, I am offering it as a custom sized ring. Soon to be listed in the shop.

I am hoping this is the first in a series of Oceana themed pieces. I still have to get to work on my entry for this month's Aspiring Metalsmith challenge. Which appropriately enough is titled, Under the Sea. This piece was planned long ago and doesn't meet the criteria. I actually have so many Oceana design ideas that I have decided to try and do a collection of pieces.
Time permitting of course. Which is always my nemesis!

Have a fabulous week everyone!


  1. Oh WOW is all I can think to say!!

  2. The ring is really fantastic! I love the design and I love that it is so big.

  3. Love the new logo - I so need a change and the ring is FABULOUS - love it!

  4. beautiful! love the ring too! i just got some seahorse stamps and can't wait to use them.