Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Yes, yes, more turquoise.... I just can't seem to tear myself away from this color these days.

I went to a bead show here in town last friday with a new metalsmith friend. We ran into only one vendor that had any cabs, which is what I really was looking for. They had lots of turquoise cabs, and picture jasper too... but I only bought Turquoise. I have been so drawn to that color lately. I can't seem to help myself, so, I stocked up! :)

I started out with this ring first. Simply set. I have in mind that I want to make some things that I can keep affordable. I love building a setting around a stone, but it really adds to the cost of the final piece.

It's hard sometimes to keep it simple. Case in point, this pair of turquoise earrings I have started. I had planned to do a scalloped bezel cup with the ear wires soldered on (one of my fave styles). Then I started thinking that they needed something else. So my mind has gone to all kinds of different design ideas. All ideas that will significantly change the price point.

So now I'm waffling back and forth. Do I go for simple and keep it affordable? Or shall I design to my heart's content? Luckily for me I have plenty of Turquoise cabs now that I can do both! I hope to have the simple version ready to post today.

Back to this ring. I thought about offering this as a custom sized band like the last two rings I've done, but I decided to go ahead and finish it. US size 7. I had every intention of listing it in the shop on Sunday, but I can't seem to let it go.

I've talked a little bit about my paternal Grandpa before. He was a metalsmith who made jewelry. He also covered just about anything he could find in Turqouise. Tables, steer skulls, you name it. In northeast Nevada, we had turquoise in abundance. I remember going out walking with grandpa and him picking up turquoise right off the ground and sticking it in his pockets. His workshop in the back yard had all kinds of little bits of turquoise on the ground right outside the door. He always had a rock tumbler running... I grew up gazing into his jewelry case at the turqouise jewelry, and seeing my grandma wear it as well...

There is something about this particular stone. I get lost staring into it. It brings back so many memories, and also gives me this feeling of a memory that I can't quite remember. It's difficult to explain. There is something about this particular stone that makes me feel like I have come full circle, somehow connecting the feelings of my youth with how I feel about turquoise today.... It is strange, and liberating all at once. Somehow reconciling me with my past...

I never thought I could feel this way about stones, but it happens to me more and more as I grow my stone collection. I have caught myself several times spending like 10 minutes staring into a stone. It is amazing the beauty that the earth creates....You might think I'm crazy. But that's ok. If you would have told me 2 years ago that I would enjoy sitting for 10 solid minutes staring at a rock I would've thought I was crazy too!

So, I'm keeping it. It's mine, I can't let it go...


  1. I guess that's why I can't find it in your shop!

  2. Beautiful ring! I love it's simplicity. My dad was a metalsmith when I was younger and when I started he gave me around 30 pieces of turquoise. I can't seem to bring myself to use them! They are each so special I have trouble deciding on the perfect setting for each, then, even if I did, could I sell them? Methinks not!

  3. Beautiful ring - I also love turquoise.

  4. Beautiful piece. Turquoise and silver equal summer!