Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Still busy, and some bubbles....

It feels like it will never end. One thing after another that needs to be done, and a laundry list of things that didn't get done but still need to be caught up on. Somehow. Some way.

Tonight some friends are coming over to help get the cascarones ready. We have a big confetti Easter Egg hunt every year for the kids. I have 44 dozen egg shells, and 20 boxes of egg coloring. And there are more to come! My friends have been saving me egg shells all year. I appreciate it so much. There are only so many eggs a family of four can eat in a year!

I will post pictures of the confetti eggs so you can see what I am talking about if you've never had the pleasure of chasing someone down and smashing a confetti egg over their heads. It is a tradition from my husband's family. One I grabbed onto quickly and turned into an Easter tradition for my girls and their friends.

And then there's the taxes. Oh, don't even mention it!!! And the team challenge, and my Mommy's birthday. (I want to make her something fabulous! I think I finally have just the thing in mind now. We'll see.)

Anyway... on to the jewelry. Last year before I got deeper into this metalsmithing thing, I made some bubble earrings out of wire. I liked them a lot. Still do. This year though, with my new metalsmithing skills, I have made Nouveau Bubble earrings.

And, on the to do list, a Nouveau Bubble necklace! I love these earrings. The bubbles pop against the blackened silver.

Well, back to the to do list. I'll try to get the bubble earrings listed this evening. Have a fabulous day!

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