Friday, March 12, 2010

My Mommy's birthday gift...

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My Mom's birthday is on Tuesday, and as usual I waited until the last minute to decide what I wanted to make. My Mom isn't too much into earrings, which are my favorite thing to make, but loves pendants. She has several religious jewelry items, and we had discussed my making her a cross.

I'm not entirely sure it will be her style, maybe a little too big, maybe a little too ornate, but I love it.

I am 95% happy with my workmanship on this one. I am so glad I made it on so many levels. It really tested my new found skills. It is the largest piece I've made to date. (about 2 3/8" long and 1 7/8" wide) Let me tell you. That big of a piece of silver takes awhile to heat up enough to melt hard solder. At least with my torch. I even set off the smoke detector! And that was WITH the ventilation system on.

I think I will have to make another for the shop! I'm picturing this with a bright colorful stone. We shall see.....

I know there is a bunch of shots in this post, but I'm trying out new backgrounds. Can I get votes on your favorite background?


  1. It is a lovely pendant - so detailed and intricate - you have done a great job - your mom will LOVE IT!

  2. Oh, I agree, she'll fall in love!! I especially like how the lines of the cross follow the embellishments rather than being straight underneath, very different & definitely adds to its beauty. Awesome job!

  3. Once again I am so impressed by your imagination! You design and make the prettiest pieces.

    As for backgrounds, I like the wood and paper(? the last one facing up) I think the black frame as well as the rocks detract from the details of your piece.

  4. Beautiful Amy! I like from the wood down.
    How is the egg stuffing going?

  5. This is lovely Amy. And I love the detail you included on the back too! I think I like the background you used of the pendant upside down, or the wood :) Hope your mum has a great birthday and loves her present!

  6. LOVELY. And beautiful sentiment. My mother is my best friend. This post was so moving.

  7. Thanks everyone. My mommy is my best friend too Jess.

  8. is gorgeous...your mother will love it and what a beautiful job you did on it.