Thursday, March 11, 2010

A new friend, and a new custom option.....

I've made a Sassy new friend over the past couple of weeks who is not only a lovely person, but is also very helpful, and willing to share. You really must check out her work. Her pieces are beautiful! I've never seen such a lovely selection of gorgeous stones!

So, my Sassy new friend had the best idea ever. She offers custom size ring bands on some of her pieces. This is how it works. A piece is made around a particular stone, but the stone hasn't been set yet. This allows the jeweler to customize the piece to a customers specification.

I thought it was a wonderful idea, especially after getting comments from customers that they love a particular ring, but it just isn't their size. So I contacted my Sassy friend and admitted, monkey see, monkey do, I want to offer that too! She graciously gave her permission, and here I am with my first customized offering.

The stone is called Leopard Jasper. And doesn't it look just like a leopard? The stones that the earth produces never ceases to amaze me. I love the animal print on this stone. Tans, browns, blacks, and even a slight army green tinge to some of the spots. I feminized it just a little with the roses on the side.

I originally designed this thinking it would be a ring, but it would make a lovely pendant as well. Really, the possibilities are many, and that is what is great about customizing pieces. It can be made into anything YOU want!

I'll list it later at AmyNicoles on Etsy! Many thanks to my Sassy new friend. It is so good to have someone to bounce ideas off of, and since I am a beginner, to get advice on different metal smithing techniques. Thank you Sandi!


  1. What a beautiful shop Sassy Glass Jewelry is - thanks for pointing me there. It's wonderful when you find someone with such talent who is so generous w/ their knowledge. And your piece is just gorgeous, strange to think you're a beginner!

  2. What a neat idea! Love those roses you've made on the side there :)