Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas cards finished!

My Mom and I spent several hours getting the girls dressed and their hair done. My Mom asked me if I take this long every year just to get a Christmas card photo, and I usually don't. I usually get it all done under an hour, but I also usually get very stressed out, which makes the girls misbehave, and the whole thing just is an unpleasant experience.

This year I decided to take my time, keep everyone in good spirits, and of course applied the trick known by mom's the world over, good old fashioned bribery! We got the pictures taken, no tears, (theirs or mine).

Today while my youngest was in gymnastics for 45 minutes, I knocked out all the Christmas cards. They are officially ready to go, stamped and all. I even addressed them by hand.

I guess there is some address book on this new Mac of ours. A friend of mine told me this week that she is going to print the labels for her Christmas cards using it. But, I decided it would be quicker for me just to write them than it would be for me to learn how to navigate said address book. (Until this week I didn't even know we had one!)

So, one thing down, 20 million things left to do before Christmas. I WILL get it done! (I think)

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