Monday, November 16, 2009

Some news, and a sneak peak

If you follow me on Facebook, you know how excited I am to finally have my own work space. Up until yesterday, I had been working in the living room.

I have been unhappy with this arrangement for a long time, and finally asked my husband to help me solve the problem. It really isn't a small problem. The deeper I get into this jewelry making thing, the more tools I need. The more space I need. So far I have only been working with a small hand held torch. It is serving my purposes for now, but I really need a better set up. That includes a jewelers torch, and an acetlyne and oxygen tank set up. I'll also need a proper ventilation system. It really isn't wise to be breathing in all of those fumes you know!

Over the past couple of weeks, I had become increasingly cranky. I just felt stuck in the spot that I was in. There really wasn't any room to grow, and seriously, who wants to have a work shop in their living room? Besides that, it was a real pain in the rear to have to move everything every time someone came over! I began to feel that maybe it just wasn't in the cards for me to kick this whole thing up a notch.

After mentioning several times nicely that I wasn't happy working in the living room, I had to get slightly more emphatic about stressing just HOW unhappy I was. (there may or may not have been a few tears involved, mainly out of frustration) Hmmm *clearing throat* ANYWAY, I have to say that when Arturo realized I was serious, he and I set about thinking exactly where this new work space I needed would be.

We contemplated most of the day on Thursday, and on Thursday evening an epiphany hit us both literally simultaneously about the perfect spot.

So, where is it you ask? Well, I'm going to keep you guessing. Just for a little bit. The above picture is a sneak peak at part of my new area (along with me, hard at work filling an order). Here comes the fun part. At least I hope you guys will think it's fun, and I hope you want to play along with me!

The first person to guess where in my house my new work station is located, will receive a little surprise. It probably won't be that big of a surprise to find out that it will be a pair of earrings! Anyway, let the guessing begin!


  1. A nook in your bedroom, the toy room or a spare bedroom.

  2. Would that be in the garage? Ah, the joys of your own craft space :D Have a very productive crafting :)

  3. All good guesses ladies! But you still haven't figured it out yet......