Tuesday, November 10, 2009

For sure my neighbors think I'm crazy...

That is if they didn't already. When my neighbor came home this afternoon after picking her boys up at school, I was right outside my front door sitting in a chair and taking pictures of myself.

These are some new earrings I just made. Sterling circles stamped with a circle pattern, convex in shape. Oxidized and polished by hand to bring out the pattern and texture.

These are just born as well. Same circle texture, this time on elongated sterling rectangles. Wire wrapped with red coral beads. For some reason, these make me think of Frida Kahlo.

These self portraits were something of an experiment. I've been trying to think from a buyer's point of view. It is really hard sometimes to get an idea of how big a piece is when you see photos of it without anything to relate it to size wise. So, I tried my hand at self portraits. I just figured out the other day how to use the self timer. Yay for me!

Next "photo shoot", I'll have to spruce my model up a little. :)

My photo shoot was cut short, so I'll hopefully get more pics of the newbies and get them listed in the shop.



  1. Awesome. How many pictures did you have to take to get them lined up and focused? I've taken pictures of myself before but into the mirror first. Love the new earrings. I know a few ladies that may need them!

  2. fantastic! I love that you were taking photos right at the front door!!

  3. Oh wow, that first earring is so much love!! Holy moley!

  4. Thanks Ladies! I only had to take about 50 pictures to get these! Hopefully it will go better next time!

  5. When you start asking your neighbors to be your models they really start looking at you like you are crazy**

    **fact from experience!

  6. lol! If I had a gorgeous young girl next door, I'd pay her to model my stuff!