Friday, November 20, 2009

Playing with acid and copper

Well, not really playing but having fun. Working with acid is really not quite as scary as it sounds, you just need to be really careful and aware of what you are doing while using it.

I played around with acid etching copper using two different techniques. The little owl was made by first applying an acid resistant substance to the metal then scratching the design into it, and the dotted flowers were made by applying the resist straight onto the copper. I then oxidized and hand polished the copper. The ear wires are sterling.

I plan on doing more etching, I want to play around more with technique and design. I am really anxious to etch some sterling silver, but am reluctant to until I have the techniques down.

So, these are my first two etched pieces. The little owl is for my owl loving daughter, and the earrings may or may not end up in the shop. We'll see.

OH! I almost forgot. The little owl is also the first thing I have sawed out of metal. I have had my jewelers saw for months now, and haven't used it yet, mainly because it intimidated me a little. But, it turns out that I really enjoy sawing metal. I'm trying to gather up the guts to saw something larger out of sterling sheet. We'll see.


  1. Aw....your little owl is SO CUTE!! I think he has so much sweet personality!!

  2. Thanks Lisa! My daughter loves owls so much. I think I am going to do more owls.