Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Bead Market-Ft. Worth. TEXAS y'all!

I just had to do a quick post to cover up my wordless Wednesday! Nobody wants to know what in the heck I was doing in that picture anyway? Well, the answer is; getting ready to take my own picture (yes, AGAIN). While listening to the radio in one ear, modeling an earring in the other, all while in the process of shifting a big Atomic Fireball from one side of my mouth to the other. Let's just say I wasn't ready.

Hmmmm (clearing throat) anyway, there is a bead show coming up on November the 21st and 22nd at the Amon Carter Will Rogers Center in Ft. Worth. You can find more information here.

I am SO there. This time I'm getting smart though. I have a game plan. First, go without the kids. Yep, by my self! Second, only buy what I need. That's the tough part. When I see beads, I think I need them all. This trip I'm shopping for cabochons though. I'm hoping to try bezel setting. Just as soon as I get a big girl torch and a few other things. Who knew what a pricey adventure this was going to turn into? :)


  1. Oh you are so lucky having bead shows and such to go to. Can't find anything here in Norway like that! Have fun picking out some lovely stones! I'm envious! :)