Thursday, September 5, 2013


I'll have two silver skull necklaces ready for pictures and to be listed in my Etsy shop.

One is a solid sterling design. A medium size skull, handstamped floral details. Dimensional. With a fringe.

The second is a sterling hand stamped skull, another floral design. Dimensional. With a beaded Garnet and sterling fringe. These garnets are gorgeous! They're faceted and a perfect size. The color is insane.

As soon as I begin to feel Fall I turn to Garnets. Love them.

Surprisingly I don't have any progress pics! If you follow me on Instagram (I'm amynicolejewelry) you'll know I like to share progress shots. I was on a mission to get these finished today. I've been a day behind all week because of Labor Day. I'll be so happy to get back on track Monday.

But, here is a pic of the antique roses blooming in our front garden.

I recently saw a post on IG where several women commented that roses were their least favorite flower. My jaw fell to the floor I was so surprised. I guess it just has never come to me before. People who hate roses? I've loved these roses many a year blooming in our garden.

So, I guess that means they are people out there who love the marigold? ;) ha ha

Ok, I'll be back tomorrow. Good night friends.

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